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EXPOSED! Before 1804 Fulani Weren’t In Nigeria, As A Fulani Elite Disclose Their Real Mission In Nigeria (Details below)



We are the Fulani, you abuse us and call us names. You say we only herd cattle and are Un- educated. You say we are stupid and wicked but we own Nigeria. They learn we own Nigeria, the Tiv notices, the Nupe notices, the Igbo notices, the Ijaws and the Yoruba will not say they don’ t know, the Hausa are living testifier to our superiority over them.

The Fulani has no regional home. We take and occupy wherever we want. Before 1804 we weren’ t in Nigeria. A particular Hausa King, Yumfa entertained our most revered Uthman Dan Fodio and from a missionary, he rose to Kingship. He murdered Mohammad Yumfa, took his Kingdom, and since then Hausa has evolve our obedient slaves. For many years we have unlocked the Nigeria door for the inflow of the Fulani into Nigeria. Those that came in some short years back are today governors and in toll of Nigeria. We the Fulani are in charge of Nigeria. And we will go on with ruling them.

We have opened the borders and in a few years millions of us will come in to possess our ownership. We the Fulani are Lords. We can ransack and still jail those from other tribes that stole. We can slay and still arrest other tribes that didn’ t kill. Our youngster are killing people, sacking villages, and seizing them. We go about with AK47s without being assaulted. Yet we have imprisoned Yoruba and even Igbo youth and imprisoned them for shouting Biafra. We are the Fulani, we do whatever we wish. We took a picture with our killer brothers, enrolled them into the military and police, but for assembling in Emene, Enugu State for a Meeting, we gunned down 21 Igbo youths and made clear non of their leaders coughed.

We chuckle at the jokers that say they have Amotekun. We named their race- Yariba and with their name they can never prosper because even your Holy Novel says that.

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We shall never permit them to take control over their destiny. We must keep making clear the miscreants among them rule them. Criminals who don’ t mind about their people or have regard for them. People we can control, those that will dictate for us and enjoy expedited looting of their people’ s resources. That’ s the type of rulers we the Fulani will gift them. Glimpse at the South West and ask yourself why we have licensed a convicted drug lord and a fraudster whose actual name isn’ t the one he is answering to govern the entire SW with all their so- called educated best and intellectuals? ?

Why do you think the Governors in SE denied Regional Security and welcomed our packaged Community Policing? They are all our proud slaves.

We keep them unfriendly and make sure that despite all their so- called education and intellectualism, we oversee them and make them hate each other. That way we control the clowns. With CAMA we are seizing over the resources of your Churches. That’ s after we must have expropriate your waterways and their surrounding lands. We are Fulani and we will not back down. We are courageous and you are cowards. We say what we want to do and do it. What can you do? We do not beg for crumbs like your weak elites.

We also occupy the senate. Didn’ t you see what transpired in Lagos? We enabled that drug sniffer to block people from voting so we take over. We have achieved it all over SW and also in SE. Didn’ t you see what occurred in Imo state? Those Igbo people elected for Emeka Ihedioha and we gave them Hope Uzodimma, our shameless prey. A known thief who has trial with our dogs the EFCC. We have been doing this since after the genocide we perpetrated against them, and we will keep doing it.

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Yes, we occupy the EFCC, the army, the police, and even the Air force and all defense agencies. We know that all you can do is make commotion in papers while we act. What can you do? We throw grains at your elite and they shut up. Is that not why all the agencies are led by we the Fulani, with our scholarly slaves from the East and West upholding us.

They say on our behalf that it doesn’ t matter if the Fulani takes burdens of every organization in Nigeria. That what counts is their performance. That we should all rise above tribe and stop beholding a Fulani, but rather see a Nigerian. They are slaves and we reimburse them with their resources. Hahaha! Rise and we will take you to your knee using your own brothers. That’ s how influential a Fulani is.

They say they are civilized, intelligent, and rich, yet they are fools and we the Fulani govern them. Is that not why we occupy their oil wells and give them pipeline policing contracts? And they are happy and doing it well. Miserable slaves.

Yet all of you say you are gifted. Where is your intelligence? We are the Fulani and we will become indigenes of every state in Nigeria. We have satisfy indigenes in Benue and will soon satisfy indigenes in Ebonyi and Enugu. After which the Koran will be spooned into the ocean. And your brothers will make all of these feasible. We succeed because we are bold, heroic, and far more intelligent than all of you. Our representatives have told you several times and nothing will rewrite our agenda.

All hail the Fulani!