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“Even If It Is Igbo That Is Being Attacked Because Of The Few Bad, I Will Defend The Good Ones”- Oluwo



The Paramount Ruler of Iwoland, Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, has called on the people of Southwest to tow the path of peace, and stop persecuting the Fulani herdsmen based on the criminality of a few people from that tribe.

The Oluwo said that thousands of Yoruba sons and daughters are being killed for rituals in the region, so instead of Yoruba freedom fighters to be fighting Fulani herdsmen in Yoruba land, they should channel that energy towards fighting against ritual killings in the region.

The monarch called on the Yoruba agitators to concentrate on tackling the criminals and not persecute the ethnic group that the criminals are from. He spoke against the cases of kidnappings, killings, and other forms of criminality in the region, and added that it is a disservice if the Yoruba freedom fighters are more concerned with fighting Fulani herdsmen in the region, but do nothing about the ritual killings in Yoruba land.

He said that no crime is good, but many of Yoruba sons and daughters are being killed every day for rituals yet no one is talking about it. He said that only a few of these ritual killings are reported, while many others are swept under the carpet. He said that Yoruba people should channel their energy to containing ritual killings in the region.

He said that at the moment, someone’ s son and daughter are being killed somewhere for ritual purposes, yet people are not talking about it. He said there is a baby- making factory in the south, and that the Yorubas ought to stage an open protest over these issues.

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He warned against beating the drum of ethnic rivalry, adding that Nigeria’ s ethnic diversity is too fragile for such ethnic tensions to be allowed in the country.

He said that he is a preacher of love and one Nigeria, and said that ethnicity is an enemy to humanity.

He described ethnicity as an ungodly thing, saying that no faith supports people to indict an entire tribe because of the few bad eggs that are from that ethnic group. He said that when criminals are caught, they should be treated as criminals, and not judge them based on where they come from.

He said that Nigeria is a country that is rich in cultural and ethnic diversity, and our strengths lie in this diversity. And that the best thing to do is to prod on the Fulani people to produce the criminals that are among them, instead of condemning all of them as criminals.

The Oluwo also said that even if it is Igbos that are being attacked because of the few bad eggs among them, he would still defend and fight for the good ones among them.

He said that when he preaches peace and unity it is not because he is trying to mislead his people or sell them out, but it is because he stands for peace and truthfulness. And to pursue the course of peace, then we need to treat criminals as criminals, and stop indicting an entire tribe.

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The monarch called on the government to educate the young generation of Fulani herdsmen on the modern ways of breeding their cattle.

The Fulani herdsmen crisis in the Southwest has been of great concern to many people in the country, and because of that Sunday Igboho had gained national attention when he gave quit notice to Fulani herdsmen in Igangan, in Ibarakpa Local Government Area of Oyo State. Sunday Igboho claimed that Fulani herdsmen were responsible for the increasing cases of kidnappings, killings, and other forms of criminality in the region.

The clash between the Yoruba peolle and the Fulani herdsmen had reportedly led to the loss of lives and the destruction of properties. But in some quarters, the actions of Sunday Igboho had been condemned. At a point, the presidency had issued a statement saying that the Inspector General of Police has ordered for his arrest.

Some people said that criminalizing an entire ethnic group because of the few bad eggs among them was capable of plunging the country into deep ethnic tensions.

But with the statements of the Oluwo, it is now clear that even among the Yoruba, there are elites who are not in support of the ethnic profiling in the southwest. People who believe that criminals should be treated as criminals, and not based on where they come from.

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