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Drama In Busia After A Daughter Allegedly Busts Her Mother With Her Husband Doing This (Details below)



There was a little bit of drama in Busia after a woman decided to chase her biological mother away from her matrimonial home after she allegedly caught her doing the unthinkable with her husband.

According to the reports given by the woman, she claimed that her biological mother had come to visit the two for some mother and daughter bonding time because it had been long since the two met after her wedding.

However, it is during this visits that the daughter would one day come home from work to find her mother trying to seduce her husband by wearing rather unusual clothes that she had never seen her with before.

Further reports revealed by the woman claimed that she was forced to chase her biological mother away because according to her, it was like her mother was refusing to leave despite the fact that she had overstayed her welcome.

Reports have it that the woman packed everything for her own mother after which she literally threw her out house immediately all in the name of protecting her marriage.

Her actions has sparked alot of mixed reactions from Kenyans who seemed to have been confused on whether or not she was just insecure.

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With a section of Kenyans congratulating her for doing this, other went ahead and advised her to make sure she finds out if the two had already done anything because there was a high possibility that they might have.

A credible source, Radio Citizen FM shared the story on their twitter account as they reported,

“Binti amtimua mama fisi 🤣🤣🤣 #Jambokenya magazetini #RadioNumberOne”

Kenyans reacted about the incidence and below is what some of them said,

@OmasetSamson, “that is witchcraft si ata ufisi ni SAMSON from ukunda.”

@Reuben Mvumba, “Waaah yaani dryspell imetufikisha hapa.”

@Benson Odero, “Hii sasa ndio tunaita kulaaniwa.”

@James Kamau, “Mimi ata sijashtuka. Hii ndio tabia ya Wanaume wa Busia.”