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Drama At Lekki Tollgate As A Lady In Hijab Boldly Walked To Policemen And Asked To Be Arrested (Photos below)



Today happens to be the day scheduled for the #occupylekkitollgate protest and several arrests has already been made by the Nigerian police. There have been several reactions via social media and if this issue is not properly handled by the Government and police force it may escalate into something bad.

Here is a video trending was a lady who was putting on a white hijab boldly walked up to policemen and asked to be arrested. According to her while walking to the policemen with her hands stretched forward, she said: “come and arrest us for asking for justice, we are ready to be arrested”.

Alongside her, there were several men singing, “How many people Government go kill, how many people go kill? They go kill us tire, how many people Government go kill”.
There have been several dramas taking place since this #occuplekkitollgate started and the youths are definitely not taking it likely with the government.

See photos below: