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Drama as Man Attends his Late Girlfriend’s Funeral Only to Meet her Husband and Two Kids he Never Knew About (Details below)



A Kenyan man grieving his girlfriend who died recently, reportedly collapsed after being hit with a shocking revelation when he attended her funeral.

The couple had been dating for two years before she passed away, however, what he did not know is that she was married and had two children.

According to Twitter user, Veli Francis, the man who has an 8-month-old daughter with her, did not discover her other life until he went to her funeral and met her kids and husband.

Destabilized by the discovery, the boyfriend fainted and had to be rushed to a nearby clinic in the city of Nairobi.

Veli, who is a childhood friend to the said boyfriend, also revealed that the woman died of HIV and neither the boyfriend nor her husband know that she was HIV positive.

He also disclosed that they started having suspicions on who the real father of the 8-month-old baby could be between the two men.

In his words;

”My Childhood friend lost his girfriend of two years, they had a 8month old beautiful baby girl. We went to the funeral & met her real husband with her two kids.. My friend fainted, we took him..for first aid! Respect this Earth!!

”Our biggest question was “Who is the real father of the young girl?”

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”She was employed in nairobi but she would go to shagz every friday evening after work. In nairobi she was living with my friend from Monday to friday.

”Earth is a teacher!!”
Veli also answered questions from people who were confused about some details in the story.

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