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Do You Know That Igbo Is Not Spoken In Nigeria Alone, See Other African Country That Also Speak Igbo (Details below)



Most of you may not know this, but the Igbo language is not spoken in Nigeria alone, there is a country in Africa where Igbo is also spoken.

The Igbo ethnic group located in the eastern part of Nigeria is one of Africa’s most common and most populous ethnic groups.

Although Nigeria hosts about 90% of the Igbo population, it’s important to note that there are some regions in Africa where Igbo is also spoken outside of Nigeria.

Equitoria Guniea, located in Central Africa Nation is one country where Igbo is widely spoken as a language, Infact the Igbo tribe is also part of the main ethnic groups within the Central Africa Nation of the Equatorial Guinea.

The region where Igbo is mainly spoken is called Bioko, history has it that most of the Bioko’s inhabitants traditionally migrated from Arochukwu of the Abia state of the eastern Nigeria.

Although, there are minor variations from the Igbo dialects spoken in Nigeria. The people of Bioko also practise Christianity.