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Days After Joe Biden Threatened Nigeria On Anti Gay Law, 2 Married Men Were Caught In The Wrong Act In Nigeria (Photos below)



Nigeria is one of the nations on the planet that scowl against same- s3x marriage in spite of the unwanted threats that the nation have been getting from world power particularly the United states.

You will remember that some few days back, the United States of American President, Joe Biden delivered a reminder that he will put an assent on Nigerian in the event that they won’ t get rid of the counter gay law. Nigeria and many other nations were advised to sanction same s3x marriage.

Just yesterday in Nigeria specifically in Delta, two men in Orhuwhorun, Delta states were found having affairs with one another, something the Nigerian government considered against the law. As indicated by reports, they are both gay and one has kids.

Reports have it that, these two unidentified men have been captured by the people of Orhuwhorun who apparently got them in the demonstration and they have chosen to show them some exercise over the undesirable deed.

These two men however has revealed how they have connected each other in the abominable lifestyle more than 2 hours after they were paraded in the locale.

Regardless of the culpable law made by the previous president Goodluck Johnathan that state, any individual who takes part in a same s3x marriage will confront 14 years detainment. With that, we will have some numbers of individuals ignoring the law.

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I’ m certain that if Joe Biden sees this he will be furious in light of the fact that he said, all people ought to be dealt with similarly. Mr President, Nigerians are honest residents and we will not defy the tradition that must be adhered to country. Never!

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