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Days After Biden Threatened To Sanction Nigeria Over Gay Law, One African Country Has Legalized It (Details below)



Nigeria was among other countries that were warned about a position Sanction by the United States of America if they don’ t resolve their anti- gay laws.

President Joe Biden’ s administration threatened to sanction Nigeria and other countries if they refuse to legalize gay and lesbian marriage or relationship.

The United States believes that every human being deserved the fundamental human rights to marry or involve in a relationship with anybody they want. They see any country that does not legalize or recognize same- gender relationship or marriage as a country that is harsh on people.

Nigeria and some countries have often kicked against and have rejected to legalize gay and lesbian marriage in their countries as the practice doesn’ t go with the vision and belief of citizens. Many religions and religious groups in Nigeria frowns at the mention of same- gender marriage as they continue to lick against the law because it goes against their religious practices.

However, the United States of America and some other countries have legalized gay and lesbian marriage and it’ s in effect those countries as transgender, gay and lesbian couples can live freely without intimidation and discrimination.

The Government of Angola has moved in the trend to legalize gay and lesbian marriage days after Joe Biden threatened some countries over anti- gay laws.

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In 2019, the Angola government made the law to stop the intimidation and decriminalization of same- gender relationship in the country. The law has been made effective on Wednesday is the 10th of February 2021 following Joe Biden’ s threat about Anti- gay law.

What this news means is that Transgender, gay and lesbians can now practice their act freely without fear of being criminalized or intimidated.

Also, anybody caught intimidating gay or lesbian couples will face a jail term now in Angola.

A famous activist in Angola identified as Jean- Luc Romero- Michel has praised the Government of Angola decision of legalizing same- gender within the country as the way forward.

See the English translation below:

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