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Another Public Proposal Gone Wrong-Shouldn’t Guys Know The State Of Their Affairs’ Before Going Public (Photos below)



Son of man was greatly embarrassed on Thursday as another public proposal turns sour. This didn’t go the way it was planned. Proposing to a lady in the public is gradually becoming no go area

Son of man with his face mask on See now, the guy is kneeling mercilessly.

If this is really how it turned out for you, Guy Move On, the lady is heartless .At least she should have prevented him from that kind of embarrassment, accept the ring and talk out things later.

Our girl is heartless joor, if she is not ready for marriage now she should have collected the ring when they get home they talk things over. Afterall he invited you for shopping and you went out with him for the shopping is that not madness? you want to eat money but not get engaged.

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