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After This Pastor Escaped Death With His Wife, See The Strange Thing That Was Noticed (Details below)



Photos of a Nigerian pastor who got involved in a car accident and escaped unharmed with his wife have got Nigerians reacting.

According to reports, pastor Confidence Imuo was driving from Umuahia to Aba with his wife when his Mercedes Benz lost control and somersaulted 5 times.

His car after the accident

It was great news that proves the faithfulness of God as the pastor came out unharmed with his wife.

The pastor however said something strange when testifying about the incident.

In his testimony, he revealed the cause of the accident. According to his statement, he said a strange power was dragging the steering with him before he lost control of the car and that was what made the car somersault 5 times.

The statement from the pastor shows that the accident is not any natural accident, it got something to do with some mysterious or spiritual powers.

Rev. Imuo and his wife

This is why the Bible said that we are not wrestling against flesh and blood but principalities and powers and this is why we always have to pray for God’s protection before going out.

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