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After Listening To Lai Mohammed, I Now Support That Nnamdi Kanu’s ESN Must Be Dismantled By Federal Government (Details below)



On Kakaaki yesterday, the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, made a very interesting insight into the reason why IPOB was labelled a terrorist group by the Federal High Court in Abuja in 2017, and why IPOB group is more dangerous than bandits or any armed robbery group.

Lai Mohammed said that IPOB members are Super Armed Robbers, that they take what does not belong to them and kill people in the process, but then their violence activities are not the reasons why the federal government proscribed the group.

IPOB was proscribed because the group does not respect the sovereignty of Nigeria. And that is ESN is regarded as a ” Biafran Army” by the federal government.

When Nnamdi Kanu set up Eastern Security Network in December 2020, he said that the security outfit is just like Amotekun in the southwest which is saddled with the responsibility of fighting criminality in the region, but unlike Amotekun, ESN did not have any legislative backing.

The Southeast governors and other political stalwarts from the Southeast did not give ESN their backing. So many wondered why Southeast stakeholders did not give ESN their support, just like Amotekun got the support of the Southwest politicians.

Now the reasons for that are very clear. Igbo stakeholders did not support ESN because ESN was not just a vigilante group, but it was the brainchild of a man who does not respect the sovereignty of the Nigerian state.

The man Nnamdi Kanu has openly positioned himself as an enemy of Nigeria, and constantly refers to Nigeria as a ” zoo” country which the Igbos need to break away from. Even though he has succeeded in brainwashing a few Igbo people into believing in his ” crazy” ideologies, the majority of the Igbo race and the stakeholders from the region have openly renounced him countless times, and made it known that they don’ t have anything to do with him.

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It should be recalled that when Nnamdi Kanu uploaded the video of ESN some months ago, the military was immediately deployed to the Southeast region to comb the forests and neutralize the group immediately. had reported that the military had said that they were acting based on orders from above, even though the Nigerian security operatives did not see any member of the ESN, and many had said that it could be that the ESN group was merely a mirage and was not in existence.

But then, we also saw the clash that took place several weeks ago in Orlu, Imo State, between the Nigerian army and ESN operatives where several lives were lost in the process, and several properties burnt down.

Many have been wondering why the federal government or stakeholders from the southeast are not in support of ESN security outfit, and why the military launched an attack on the group immediately it was allegedly established, after all Nnamdi Kanu said that ESN was set up to protect the lives and properties of the Igbo people. The truth is that ESN was not set up just as a vigilante group for the benefit of Igbo people. But it was set up to help push the ” evil” agenda of IPOB.

I saw this from a very clear perspective yesterday after listening to Lai Mohammed. I know many of us have had our own grudges against Lai Mohammed in the past months or years regarding some of his statements on national issues, but I think he really drove home a point here on his discussions on IPOB and ESN.

The federal government did not proscribe IPOB because President Buhari hates Igbo or is anti- Igbo, neither was the group proscribed because of their violent activities across the Southeast region.

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After all there are armed robbery groups all over the world, they steal and kill, yet no government anywhere in the world has proscribed an armed robbery group, just like what Lai Mohammed said. But IPOB was proscribed because the group sees itself as its own independent state that is not under Nigeria, and does not recognize the Nigerian government as a sovereign state.

And ESN was not set up as a vigilante group just for the purpose of ensuring the protection of lives and properties of the Igbo people, but it was set up as an army of a ” terrorist group” that does not respect the sovereignty of Nigeria.

It sounds funny that a man who does not respect the fact that Nigeria is a sovereign state would set up a security outfit to protect the lives of the same Nigerians in the southeast region.

That is why I support that the federal government should use all its military might to fight ESN to a standstill, and ensure that the group is dismantled by all means. I now understand that ESN is not just a vigilante group set up for the benefit of the Southeast people, but the group is a Biafran Army set up to cause confusion in Nigeria, and threaten our nationhood.

We have come a long way as a country, despite our many challenges and trials. But amid these challenges, we have remained one and united, while hoping that Nigeria will be a better place for all of us. So anything that threatens our unity as one Nigeria must be dismantled by all means. And right now, ESN is not a group that we should support as a people, because it is coming from someone that does not mean well for Nigeria.

Do you support that ESN must be dismantled by the federal government by all means?