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2 Powerful Reasons Why Muslims Burry Their Dead As Soon As Possible (Details below)



Different religions and communities have different ways in which they conduct their major ceremonies. Some of these ceremonies include naming, initiation, marriage and death.

Today we focus on how the muslims conduct their burial ceremony.

Ever wondered why Muslims burry their dead immediately after their death? Well, it may not be in an instant but a few hours after the death, the person is laid to rest. This is unlike other religions which usually take even an entire week before they burry the dead. There are reasons for that and some are not necessarily religious. Nevertheless, the Islamic way of burial is a unique one to consider.

Burial Within 24 hours

Burial in the Islamic religion is a significant rite of passage. In the Islamic culture, a dead body must and should be burried within 24 hours after the person has passed on.

Essence of immediate burial

According to the Islamic religion, a dead person is considered unclean, so they are not supposed to interact with the living because it will also make them unclean. This makes them burry the dead immediately so that those living cannot be affected by the uncleanness of the dead.

Additionally, in keeping with Islamic traditions, the funeral and burial happen as soon as possible in order to free the soul from the body.

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You are probably thinking of a case where the person is not buried within 24 hours. What would actually warrant that? The burial can only be extended if maybe there is a case involved.

For example, if the person was murdered or the person died in war, investigations have to be done to ascertain the cause of the death. As a result, investigations would delay the burial.

Muslims believe in the resurrection of the physical body on the last day and as a result, cremation of the dead is highly forbidden.

Why else do you think Muslims burry their dead as soon as possible?