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Woman Stab Husband For Watching Photo They Took When They Were Young



A lady has been arrested by the Italian police for stabbing the husband on account of watching another girl’s picture..

Information gather was that, the couple had an argument in which the man decided over it by watching their old days picture.

The woman who get so furious decided to confront the husband after he left the scene.

She found him watching another a photo the husband took with another lady.

She become more angered and went for a knife to stab him. As the act to jealous arosed, the wife decided to have a look at the lady in order to trace the contact.

Unfortunately, upon watching the picture, she release it was herself at a younger stage when they were all young.

This has made her so worried as they police has apprehended to the police station.

Investigation is still ongoing as police are het to prosecute her to court