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Woman Gives Birth To An Old Looking Baby And Abandoned Him Because Of His Looks (Photo below)



A young women has given birth to a child that looks like an old man and abandoned him in a rubbish bin wrapped in a black plastic bag.

An old man was passing by when he heard the cries of the little baby and rescued him.

The old man took the child to his old wife and they cared for the baby, 4 weeks later the child got sick and they took him to hospital which was very far away from their village.

When they got to the hospital doctors told the old couple that the child was born with a rear condition called pogeria.

This condition makes babies to age very quickly leaving them with wrinkly skin that makes them look old.

The old couple said they will raise the baby as their own and give him all the love that he needs even if they are too old to raise a baby.

The mother of the child is still not know but it is suspected that is was a young women who didn’t know how to care for the child after she was shocked by his looks.

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