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Wife Of Governor Ebele Obiano Caught On Camera Receiving Covid19 Vaccine In The United States, Atiku In Dubai: Who Will Take The Made In Nigeria Jab?



While many Nigerians have commended her for reposing confidence in the minds of the people about the vaccines, other Nigerians have pilloried her for abandoning her people to go and recieve Covid 19 vaccine in another country while many Nigerians are yet to receive the vaccine.

Do you think it was right for Willie Obiano to have received her vaccine Abroad while most people in Anambra state are yet to get a jab of the vaccine?

Why are they going to America to receive it, who will receive the one they want to bring into Nigeria?

Here is a deeper explanation:

It’s stunning beyond belief that for all her elegance and the trouble of traveling over 10,000miles to be on record as the first publicly advertised wife of a public officer in the world to be vaccinated against COVID-19, she still couldn’t make out the type of vaccine she was getting, whether it was “Moderna,” or “Madonna” as she called it.

Nigeria does not know whether it is losing or winning the war on COVID-19. It’s a game of convenient guesstimates. Yet, poorly collated infection figures are turning into names and names into friends and relatives dying or struggling with their lives. The NCDC which showed so much promise early on is almost now overwhelmed by poor execution and a lack of staying power – that ancient Nigerian disease.

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The governor’s wife may have arranged a designer COVID-19 vaccination – even hinting in the video that her husband could be next on the Houston vax train – but she’s not the only public figure who has provided this shameless public entertainment.

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, one of the most present faces in the presidential campaign circuit, also took his jab in Dubai. The man who was just a heartbeat away from the Presidency lavishly distributed photos of himself taking the jab long before Ebele Obiano boarded the flight to Houston.

Abubakar may argue that he is now a private citizen and can therefore spend his money the way he likes. That’s true. But if his roadmap to make Nigeria great again includes a prominent chapter on how to perpetuate medical tourism, then we’re back to square one.

I’m sure there are hundreds of people – including public and private citizens – all over the world paying to get the jab and getting it quietly through different means, because they can afford it and cannot wait in line.

As vaccines rollout, the difference between rich and poor countries are showing, just as the distinction between rich and poor citizens of the same country is in stark evidence. Perhaps that’s inevitable. But to make that distinction the new face of medical tourism and to share the videos of such designer encounters to a desperate, hurting world is insensitive.

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I understand Ebele Obiano said she did it to dispel the prevalent notion in some circles back home that vaccination is evil. Well, except if she is taking the jab for the six million people in her state, the effect of her good intention is to say to the public, “Let them eat faith”.