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‘Why I Allowed Someone Else To Impregnate Me In My Husband’s House’ – Nigerian Woman



A Nigerian woman, Toyin Bello has revealed in a local court why she allowed another to have sex with her in her matrimonial home and impregnate her in the process..

While presenting her case for hearing in a court in Ibadan, Toyin said her husband is impotent and has starved her sexually for ten years, and for this reason, she wants their 16-year old marriage annulled.

She told the court that she had to get pregnant by someone else as she could no longer bear the shame of childlessness.

“I got pregnant by someone to shield me husband from the shame of childlessness. He refused me sex for 10 years. He also wants to kill me so that he will inherit my house,” she said.

“I left my home and now live in a Church at Asi area in Ibadan. My lord, I cannot continue to waste my time with Dotun, age is no longer on my side, please dissolve our union.”

Henry Agbaje, president of the court, dissolved the marriage and ordered Dotun to move out of the shared property within seven days.

He also said any attempt to cause a breach of peace would be treated as a criminal offence.

Dotun, however, opposed the suit, and asked the court to plead with his wife.

“I agree that I have a medical condition that prevents me from having a child. She also locked me out of her room,” he said.

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