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“We Tried To Kill Her With A Knife But The Knife Did Not Enter ” – Little Girl’s Kidnappers Confess (Details below)



Recall the horrific story of little Blessing, who was kidnapped on the 1st of January, 2021, while running errands for her parents. Read here.

Few days ago, precisely on the first of January this year, little Blessing was sent on an errand within their environment, and that was how she was kidnapped. She was later found yesterday, 5th of January, in a soak away pit in their compound, with lots of heavy blocks covering the soak away.

As at when blessing was found, she was looking all white, because she had lost too much blood from the high degree injuries she had sustained in the hands of the kidnappers.

She was stabbed on her neck and on her back and had black stuff covering her face and mouth. She was immediately rushed to the hospital where she is currently battling for her life.

As at today, the suspect behind little Blessing’s kidnap have been apprehended. They are there in number, but only one of them was caught while the other two had escaped.

The suspect happens to be neighbors with blessings parents. They live in the same compound, a rented apartment in Abraka, a town in Delta State where Blessing and her parents reside.

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According to the suspect, he said that their intention was to kill blessing. They cut her neck with a knife so that she could die, but the knife didn’t enter. Then they resolved to stabbing her severely and ended up throwing her in the soak away pit, covered the mouth of the soak away with blocks, so that blessing could suffocate and die.

Currently, Blessing is in a critical condition in the hospital and every one is praying for God Almighty to spare her life, so that she could tell her story.