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‘We Must Beat Up Bloggers For Writing Fake Stories About Us’ – Criss Waddle Urges Shatta Wale, Others



Apparently, a lot of mainstream blogs reported that Shatta Wale has sacked his manager Bulldog after he announced a new position for his Personal Assistant (PA), Nana Dope. Typical of Shatta Wale, he reacted furiously thus;.

“How can we progress if we have people like this amongst us !!! Common English PRO and manager has become calculation for you erh … No wonder you are blogging and u not getting anywhere cuz this foolish life dierrr if Ibe from mother side or father side then u get big failure problems in life cuz you won’t get there da ! Abue fu !!”

In consonance with the foregoing, Criss Waddle said it’s about time they joined hands to beat up any foolish blogger who writes fake stories about them.

He said “Them fooL too much this year we for beat one make them see say no be mouth”.