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TOO MUCH MONEY: Check Out The Luxurious Cars Owned By E- money (Photos below)



Though having a car is one paramount asset every man ought to acquire, but even at that, most men are not able to have one, while another may have, but finds it difficult to maintain it. But here is a man who has a large number of cars, whose its collective worth is capable of building a magnificent Estate.

Emeka Okonkwo Who is popularly known to be E- money is one of the most wealthiest men in Nigeria, with over millions of naira Net- worth. The young Nigerian millionaire hails from uli, a village in Anambra state.

However, E- money is among the Nigerian millionaire who has great taste for cars, maybe, he may be the type that loves cars when he was small.

When it comes to cars, the way E- money changes cars, is as good as the way you change your clothes in the wardrope.

The cars owned by E- money is so big in number, in such a way that, if he decides to unrepeatedly drive a car by each day of the week, until the days of the week are over, he will still not be able to drive all the cars he has.

Not only that, even its number of cars he owns is so big that he had to build a house with a wide expansion of compound to enable him park all his cars in one compound. If cars were to be a license to go to heaven, E- money would have been the first person to reach heaven.

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Most times, due to the way he buys cars and sometimes, goes on a convoy with those cars, especially whenever he is visiting his hometown, some people do usually mistake him to be a money ritualist, meanwhile, he is just a cool guy who has been blessed immensely by God.

Honestly, just like the way Solomon in the Bible married many wives, E- money can be likened to be the Solomon of cars.

Here are photos of some of the Luxurious car collections of the Nigerian millionaire.

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