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This Wedding Broke The Internet, Take A Look At The Pictures And You Would Understand Why (Photos below)



No two people in the entire world understands each other better than identical twins. They do almost everything together and have almost the same hobbies.

Brianna and Brittany are twins who have always known that they had a special bond. They did everything together, tried to dress alike and even style their hair the same and they also had the same hobbies.

Both girls studied law and went to the same college and they both also worked together in same place.

The girls lived the most ordinary lives and often thought about their future. They were afraid that it would be very difficult for them to live separately if they could ever fall in love with someone.

But it all changed in August 2017 when Brianna and Brittany went to a festival. And it was there that each of them met their soulmates.

“i remember seeing this guy in the crowd and really liking him. I told my sister about it, but I could not point him out to her because they were a lot of people around. ” Brianna said. And apparently, Brittany also noticed a young man whom she also liked.

“I do not know why, but after seeing him once, she kept looking for him in the crowd all day. And so, at the most inopportuned time, Brittany took me by the hands and said: ‘ look, that’ s the guy’ . She pointed towards a young man passing by and what I saw left me speechless. It just so happened that it was the same guy I liked. I did not know it then, but soon we both would be left speechless. ” Briana said later.

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“Brittany was the first to notice Jeremy in the crowd, but we both could not believe our eyes when we saw his twin walking right behind him. Then we looked at each other, realising that they were twin brothers. ”

The brothers names were Jeremy and Josh Salyers. When they saw the sisters, a smile lit up both of their faces.

Once the sets of twins began talking, it did not take much time for them to hit it off. Immediately after they met, the brothers decided to go on a trip to Virginia to meet the sisters. And after being together for some days, they soon realized they could not live without each other.

So each girl liked both guys and each guy liked both girls and since they both looked exactly the same and the choice had to be made, the couple used a simple but genius method to make the decision.

Thus, Brittany and Josh became a couple and Jeremy and Brianna made the other couple. This match made sense because it was made according to the order in which they were born.

The couples became really popular and spread all over the internet. One day, the boys proposed to them and the girls said yes.

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The couples said they wanted to get married six months after the proposal and do a double wedding on the same day.

The wedding itself was also planned to complete their theme just perfectly. That is why they had two of everything. Two identical wedding cakes, dresses and rings.

The wedding was so unique, that it attracted a lot of media attention and got a lot of coverage. After the celebration, they all decided to live together in one big house in order to be as close to each other as possible. The couple says they wish to have twin children too.

After they became famous, they have often been asked the same question on social media. Have anyone ever kissed the wrong twin? But they said that nothing like that has ever happened. That they can identify each other very well.

Hope you enjoyed the story! Have you ever seen anything like this before? Make sure to let us know in the comments.