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“They Must be Arrested”- See How Two Ladies were Caught Fighting Dirty in Public (Video below)



The rate of violence in the society now is Appalling and of great concern, most ladies found it difficult to get along with themselves especially when a problem is involved, such matter can take along time before it finally resolved.

However, that is why they saying “Ladies always find it difficult to agree with Themselves”, a trim where three girls are there is no way they will not be having one problem or the other due to circumstances.

Going through the social media, I came across a video footage revealing the moment two matured ladies old enough to be in their husbands’ house fighting shamelessly in the public.

The reason for the fight was not disclosed as they were hitting each other while people were trying to separate them from Fighting.

The video footage has been going Viral now on the social media and people were wondering how would a mature lady be fighting disgracefully in the public.

Watch Video Below;