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These Symptoms Shows Your Partner Might Have HIV – Run For Your Life



HIV is a very dangerous life-threatening disease, because initially it is taken as AIDS by not treating it. Therefore, the sooner it is known about it, the better. Symptoms of HIV always show symptoms such as feeling tired without any reason.

Symptoms of HIV:

# If exhaustion is excessive, it should be taken seriously. Pain and swelling in the joints at an early age, fever in two to three days and frequent occurrence, tension or stiffness in the muscles is also a symptom of HIV.

# Headache often occurs and the pain increases as the day progresses. Weight is becoming more and less less.

# Red rashes or rashes in the body, vomiting or nausea after eating food, problems with colds, runny nose often. These are all symptoms of HIV.

If you see these symptoms, contact the doctor immediately.