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These Foods Are Not Good For Your Health, Stop Eating Them Immediately (Details below)



The human body produces mucus to improve our health by trapping dust and other substance that is carried with the air and may harm our body.

The mucus ensures that these harmful substances do not reside in our body. There are times when the secretion of this mucus becomes so excessive that it now affects our health and cause us discomfort. We may experience catarrh for a long time as we keep on blowing and blowing, it will progress into headache and in more severe cases, this may even lead to death.

The excessive mucus secretion affects sleep and rest, one is unable to sleep properly because of blocked nose, this will result to you snoring and this could make your partner uncomfortable, so you may have to take a couple drugs that will treat the condition.

There are different things that could cause this excessive mucus secretion and some include allergies, exposure to dusts or irritants and also the foods that you eat, there are several others but today we shall examine the foods that cause you to secrete excessive mucus.

These foods include: alcohol, tea, soda drinks, candy, coffee, desserts, corn, cabbage, potatoes, cereal, bananas, bread, pasta, butter, eggs, yogurt, ice- cream, milk, cheese, red meat.

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These foods have been studied and it has been observed that they cause secretion of excess mucus. Like I said earlier on, there are ways you can treat this condition. The simplest ways is to get a drug for catarrh at the pharmacy and there are also herbal treatments like boiled ginger, lemon and onion for consumption and lying down with your nose close to a plate of sliced onion, doing these things will help to draw the mucus out from your nostrils and free up your air path so you can feel healthy and comfortable once more.