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The Nigerian Soldier Sentenced To Death By Firing Squad, What He Did Will Shock You (Details below)



Recall back in July 2020, a Nigerian Soldier, Azunna Maduabuchi killed his Superior officer, Babakaka Ngorgi whom was shot to death. The Nigerian soldier has now been sentenced to death by firing squad on Tuesday January 12th, 2021.

The Private, Azunna was arraigned before the 7 Division General Court Martial sitting in Maiduguri found Azunna guilty of gruelsomeling murdering an innocent Superior, and was sentenced to death by firing squad.

Azunna whom was reportedly denied a welfare pass by the late Babakaka who was just married few months was killed by him as he emptied his magazine of 9 shots on the late Babakaka intentionally which he died instantly.

Although, Azunna was judged to be depressed because he was suffering from something unknown. However, it was reported that he shot Lt. Babakaka because the Lieutenant allegedly blocked him from welfare pass. Babakaka died a gruesome death on the hand of his junior officer leaving his beautiful wife behind.

See Photos of Babakaka Ngorgi, and the wife he left behind;

This is really sad.

According to law, any man who kill his fellow man intentionally would also be killed. Therefore, the judgement given to Azunna may be cruel, but he also did a cruel and gruesome crime.

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What do you think about the death sentence to the Nigerian Soldier?

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