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The Nigerian Army Has Warned The People Of Orlu To Provide The Dead Bodies Of Their Soldiers (Details below)



I believe some of us are aware of the crisis going on in Nigeria this day right now Nigeria nowhere is safe now.

Everywhere is full of crises before the crisis is common in the northern part but, today it has been spread to all parts of the country.

Everything is now upside down no one could walk freely in the country without panicking, our soldiers are everywhere trying their possible bests to maintain peace and security in the country.

These crises have spread to the eastern part of Nigeria in Imo State in the Orlu local government area, whereby the Eastern Security Network killed some Nigerian soldiers in a cold blood.

Am just confused about why we would be against or attacks our security men and women in Nigeria.

Now I believe there are going to be problems because the Nigerian Army will never accept such and they must surely come back for revenge.

And they have also given a warning to the people of Orlu to provide them the dead bodies of their soldiers which they killed unless they would never know peace in that area, am not surprised because all those signs are signs of the end of the world.

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What we should do now is to be prayerful so that God can have mercy on our land.

Because some of us who have experienced war in our lifetime would never pray for war because we only know the beginning of war nobody knows the end of the war and what is going to happen during and after the war.

So we should be praying for peace, and we should desist from fighting our security operatives because it’ s very wrong they are meant to protect us why fighting them we should not put our hands into what would lead us into another civil war in this country.

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