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SO SAD: My Husband Beats Me And Still Sleeps With Married Women In Our Compound, Nigerian Woman Cries Out For Divorce



An Anambra woman has cried out to the public about the maltreatment she earns from her husband.

According to the woman, her husband is her worst nightmare and the greatest evil that ever happened to her in life. Her marriage is hot and she can continue to suffer and endure the regular abuse and infliction of pain her husband cause upon her.

The woman complained about everyday beating especially when she tries to question him on certain issues. she added that her husband is a cheat, always making out with women in their neighbours and compound.

He is also fond of receiving their calls in her presence and does not hide his ill traits because when she complains it will result in a merciless and severe beating.

The mother of five has taken steps to visit the humanitarian group Due Process Advocate, DPA to seek help as regards her predicament.

She also added that she is always begging her husband to make love to her since he starves her emotionally and sexually; and when he does, he won’t last long and start complaining of fatigue.

She mentioned how she was pregnant and yet her husband still beats her while carrying his child plus cheating with other married women in their street.

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Having endured this trauma, she has now pledged to leave the marriage but does not know the right step to proceed, especially as the man only paid her bride price and they never had a traditional, court or church marriage.

Why do you think most men treat their wives like slaves and also beats them like they are just anybody. kindly use the comment section to share your thoughts and click on the follow button for more news updates on politics, entertainment, gossip and other exciting information.