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See What Was Allegedly Found In Nigeria That Is Causing Reactions On Social Media (Photos below)



The Picture of a funny and rib cracking, poverty stricken, mortuary bound, looking power generator has surfaced on social media, and has been getting reactions and loading a lot of traffic from people.

According to the source from which the post emanated from, it was found in Nigeria and it became obvious when the source captioned the picture with ” Naija I Dey hail o” lol, which probably means ” Nigerians, I am amazed” . Nigerians are powerful and are stingy people, they like to use their money to the last.

While some people may call it an act of genius or innovation, the picture clearly shows the generator in a bad shape and not advisable to keep using anything like as it can lead to explosion, and loss of life and property.

In the picture, the fuel tank located on every power generator is no where to be found, very weird which probably prompted the owner to improvise by hanging a Jerrycan of fuel with a pipe connected to the generator, I can’ t laugh less as it beat my imagination.

This might be an innovation or good thinking, but closely looking, it’ s a poverty act or was done just for the photo credit.

To some extent, how the owner found a way of thinking outside the box and making the badly damaged generator to work again is highly commendable and of high standard.

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After the picture was posted on social media, it pulled a lot of traffic and people have been reacting and some people just dropped a lot of laughing emojis to signify how funny they found the picture, even me the article writer, am currently laughing.

Here are some of the reactions of the people on social media

What do you think about this power generator?

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