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See What Dino Melaye Come Across In Dubai That Made Him React (Details below)



The residents of developed nations are getting a fair chance and a bigger number of advantages and rights than certain residents in developing and underdeveloped nations.

See the Photo that Dino Melaye shared on Instagram that has such countless of people talking.

Nigerian lawmaker, a previous Senator, and furthermore a member of the eighth Nigerian National Assembly, Senator Dino Melaye is a man of the people and has such a lot of worry for the individuals of Nigeria and his motive for good administration is incomprehensible.

He isn’ t in the country as of now as the video he shared few days ago, says more regarding his current location. Recall, Nigeria is still a growing and an agricultural nation and it is the prayer of each Nigerian to have a better country with a ton of conveniences like great streets, power, medical care, and many other amenitiesm

Quite recently, Dino Melaye took to his Instagram page to share a video about a medical clinic exceptionally worked for treating camels in Dubai.

The foundation voice says, ” when we in Nigeria are as still looking for a hospital to treat a human beings, Camel has an emergency clinic in Dubai. ”

Dino Melaye said God will help us as we actually have a long way to go. Remember, Rome was not built a day and not even in a decade, Nigeria is also advancing and with God’ s assistance, Nigeria will rise once more.

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Despite the fact that Nigeria is still managing now, everybody knows that Nigeria is an honored country with many assets and resources, and it will definitely get better one day.

So many of Dino Melaye’ s Instagram followers has blamed him for sitting idle while he was the senator of his constituency and he has no privilege to accuse those in power now. Such countless responses were seen on his video,

see them beneath;

It is undoubtedly a progressive cycle, at some point or another, Nigeria will be incredible as well.

Compliment your country.

What is your stand on this Dino Melaye’ s actions, he failed his people during his tenure but he can blame other politician for their Failure.