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See What A Popular Actress Was Caught Doing At Party Which Got People Talking



Popular Yoruba Actress known as Tawa Ajisefini who’ s currently based in the US with her husband ” pulled a stunt” that surprised and amazed her fans and colleagues in the Yoruba movie Industry. Tawa was spotted at the party wraping chicken in the tissue and putting it in her bag.

Well, let me admit it, Average number of Nigerians does this. See, life is all about choice. She could be the mother who want to take some thing home for her kids. Nobody should blame her abeg or because of her nails. Perhaps she could be the shy person eating in the public. We are not better than her. Everybody has flaws. But, remember, she is an actress so she is on stage at that moment.

That food was served to her. She didn’ t steal it. . so she can do whatever she likes with it. The worst could have been stealing it from the unserved portions. These are little things that doesn’ t matter.

But sometimes it seems very humiliating, unlady like, no intergity thats not proper at all. either you eat it there or you let go. oh my God just look at her well dressed. oh no this is unacceptable, well sure this is not the first time. Please you should try not to repeat it again. either yiu eat it there or you let go. your intergrity as a lady is very important.

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what actress did was very okay, she has the right to take foods from the party, after all she did not steal or beg for the foods which could not eat right there and right away. Do you know if she was fasting and decided to pack the portion given to her to eat after breaking the fast?

See reactions below:

Pls stop bringing pple down, someone like this writer will surely carry the food if the actress leaves the food on the table, writer may not be happy that the innocent lady packed her food and left.