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See What A Beautiful Lady Said About Men That Will Shock You (Details below)



A lot has been happening since the beginning of this year and we are all playing along happily. The Charlie Charlie game is over and now it is all about the Stingy Boys Association of Nigeria.

Howbeit, a lady has come out to publicly announce that she is tired of being used by a stingy boyfriend she had been dating for over 5 years now.

While narrating the story on her Facebook page, a young lady, who is being Identified simply as Sonia had caused a lot of drama online by making a controversial statement about her 5 year old relationship.

She claimed that she had been in a relationship with this stingy guy for 5 years now, and each time she asked him money for make- up, hairs and other things, he will calmly replied that he is investing the money into a business that will give him more profit in the future.

According to her, the boyfriend had been doing this for over 5 years now and it seems like nothing is going to change any time soon. So to help herself, she decided to breakup with this stingy guy.

However, according to her, after quitting the first relationship, she then met another guy who has money but could not satisfied her on the bed. She added that the new guy always go straight to the point without any foreplay or something.

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The new relationship lasted for only 4 months because she did not get the enjoyment she was looking for in bed with this new guy. She later broke because of this and then decided to advise the guys who do not know what to do on bed to go and learn it first before looking for a girlfriend.

She added, ” Dear Boys, Always Lick Us First And Touch This Place Before Putting It Inside. ”

See the post here:

This is a serious case, what do you have to say about this?

Meanwhile, you would not believe what this people pulled out of the water in the video below, it is so weird!