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See The Two Girls That Sent Assassins To Kill Their Rich Parents Because Of They Selfish Reasons (Details below)



This children are very heartless to me the deserved to also die, because anybody that kills deserves to be killed in return.

For this two girls to have the mind to kill their own parents it means the can kill anybody

The Two young girls who were arrested by the Nigerian police gave their reasons for sending Assassins to kill their own parents

The two girls Confessed the sent the Assassin that came to kidnapp and kill their parents after series of investigations carried out by the police, the police discovered that the kidnapp and assassination of a popular rich man was all planed by his own blood children.

It was so shocking when investigations exposed this two girls, according to reports the parents of this young girls where very rich and famous with so much wealth tie to his name, the is no reason whatsoever for this girl’ s to kill their parents because finally all the wealth would have been allocated to them.

The killed their parents out of selfishness because they wanted to embezzle the parents money quick.

The two notorious girls were arrested and detained in the police custody after series of interrogations and investigations where been carried out by the police, they two girls gave their reasons for doing what the did.

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According to girls the did nothing wrong sending those assassins to kill their parents, they two girls claimed what the did was right and the was nothing wrong sending assasines to their parents who where very stingy

According to the man daughter she cried out that her main reasons for killing her father was because her dad never cared for them but has the money to spend on girls outside she said that their father was very rich man but has never bought them a pad or clothes The claimed the man was a very wicked man that’ s why the did what the did.

The is no justification for the evil this two girls did no matter how their parents was.