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See The Notorious Kidnapper That Kills His Victims And Sell Their Body Parts (Details below)



The shocking confession made by this man after he was arrested shocked everybody to the extent I myself would suggest he deserved to be killed.

Why are all our youth putting themselves into series of crimes just because the want to make money, making money is not a do or die affair.

A notorious kidnapper who has been disturbing so many people in the community was finally arrested by the police after he has been declared wanted for so many times by the police.

The young man who has been disturbing the people of cross river state badly was finally arrested and after series of interrogations he confessed of how he kidnaps people kill them and cut out their parts to sell to Ritualist.

The young man was arrested one Thursday morning by anti kidnapping squad Calabar division, he was arrested after series of intelligence report has been given about him.

The 38- year- old man with name Jackson edet is an indigen of cross river state odupani local government area, but he was arrested in his house at Calabar south behind the cross river state school of technology (crutech).

Mr edet has been involved in series of kidnapping in the state, he has once been declared wanted by the Nigerian Police force.

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On the day of his arrest so many things where found in his house, guns human parts and kniefs where found, according to the young man those kniefs are what he used to cut his victims after he has abducted them

The young man went further to say that he has made so much money from the kidnapping business and he is read to face the laws.

He told the police he is not afraid to die because he has killed so many people. and he can mention their names. According to him he only kidnaps somebody anytime his customers has placed an order for him supply human parts, he claims he was never interested on what the human parts are being used for.

He told the police he is not afraid to die because he has killed so many people.