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Satan Is Not The Ruler Of Hell – See Who The Real Ruler Is (Details below)



Among the countless characters in the Bible, no one has a more worse name than Satan the devil. In Bible accounts he is described as the literal manifestation of snake, dragon, evil and even sin itself.

For this reason the amount of hate he receives from religious people all over the world is no surprise. He is even regard as the opposite of God, and possess the power to possess an innocent soul and bring the world into an apocalyptic end.

However, the actual story is far from this popular idea. Satan as written in the Bible is not that powerful, he is described as a fallen angel and he is no different from other creations of God. Satan is not even the ruler of hell as some may ignorantly think, he is just another prisoner sentenced to the abyss.

In fictional work, the devil is often depicted the red horned demon against humans. He is always shown as the opposite of a hero who opposes the usually strict rule of God and suffers for it.

According to the bible in the book of Revelations, the bible made it clear that Satan’ s struggle with God is a futile one. According to legend, Satan was captured by another angel of God and fell into an endless pit, where he will be imprisoned for 1, 000 years.

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By the time this 1000 years are over, Satan will be allowed to leave the prison for a short time, and then organize a global rebellion against God. And again he will be defeated and he and all his rebellious followers will be sent to hell. Satan will never express his desire to live in hell, nor will he be in any leadership position in hell. In the book hell is described as a prison, and Satan is trapped there forever.

In fictional work, the devil is often viewed as the ruler of hell which is contradictory to the bible. According to some interpretation of the Bible, God himself created and reigns over the realm. According to some explanations, the clear purpose of hell was to restrict and punish Satan and other fallen angels.