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Remember Lucky Dube? See What They Are Doing To The Three Men That Killed Him (Details below)



It is always a painful reminder whenever we remember the death of South African reggae star, who is by the name Lucky Dube.

Lucky Dube was considered the generation’ s best reggae artist. He was making waves throughout Africa, touching lives with his songs.

Everyone loved Lucky Dube, he was a household name even here in Nigeria despite the fact that he is from South Africa.

It would be recalled that Lucky Dube, who was 43 years of age as at then, was killed in a botched carjacking. According to records, Lucky Dube had won over 20 awards locally and internationally, which literally explains how big he was in Africa and in the world as a whole.

Unfortunately, Lucky Dube was found dead inside his car, after he jammed a tree. Reports have it that the men who killed him were after his car.

It was reported that Immediately Lucky Dube dropped his child off school, he faced an encounter with three men who shot at him, which led the reggae star to jam a tree.

The men that killed Lucky Dube

After much interrogation, a witness by the name Maruping, who is wife to one of the criminals that shot Lucky Dube, said she asked her husband why Dube was shot, and he replied by saying that he did not see that it was Lucky Dube, and had thought he was a Nigerian.

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The woman further revealed that his husband said they could not drive or hijack a car that had been involved in a collision, that was why they went back to the scene to check for valuables.

Consequently, investigations led to the arrest of there men who shot Dube. Reports now have that the three men had been sentenced to life imprisonment, and that they are currently passing through hell in prison.

Notwithstanding, a High Court in Johannesburg also sentenced four persons to 15 years each for their attempted robbery of Dube’ s car, after the collision.

Rest in peace Lucky Dube! What’ s your opinion? Share with us below and don’ t fail to follow this channel for more exciting articles.