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Prophet TB Joshua Revealed The Reason Why He Could Not Attend His Daughter’s Wedding (Details below)



In a video he uploaded on Facebook, Senior Prophet TB Joshua reveals the reason why he could not attend his biological daughter’s wedding.

Recall that his first daughter got married on December 16, 2020 to his South African husband, who was also a worker in the Synagogue Church of All Nations.

People were not expecting him to miss the wedding because the bride in question is his biological daughter, while the groom is his spiritual son. However, everybody who were present at the event were taken aback by his absence.

Since then, people have been trying to know his reasons for not attending the wedding. They want to know if the wedding was done without his permission.

Prophet TB Joshua shared a video on his Facebook page, where he preached on the topic titled ‘Persecution is Promotion’. While preaching on the topic, he stretched the importance of obeying Gods word no matter how hard it would be for you.

He recalled an event that took place during his daughters wedding. He explained how God instructed him to meet him at the mountains for the message of the year 2021. He had to obey God first because He is all he has and without Him, he would fail.

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He further explained that he had had several closed door meetings with the bride and the groom and that he is in full support of the wedding. He concluded by saying that he has given out his blessings before the wedding.

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