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Passengers Beat Man Into Coma For F*ngering A Woman In Public Transport (Details below)



An uncultured man received the worst beating of his life after he attempted to take advantage of situations to do the unthinkable in a public transport bus. The dirty-minded man was subjected to the beating of his life for attempting to insert his fingers into the private part of a woman.

The incident, according to the narrator happened in Lagos earlier today around Ikorodu. Throwing more light on how it all unfolded, the narrator, whose name is given as Damilola Oduolowu wrote on Facebook ‘My journey from Ikorodu to work every day is always not interesting cos of the hours i spend in traffic. Taking public transport, i enjoy boarding BRT (Blue bus or some times Red bus). No one to disturb your peace, i just plug in my earpiece to watch a movie, listen to music or in most cases, read or write. TATA (White) bus is a ‘No No’ for me because it stinks and that’s where you find all sorts of things.

The natural loudspeaker voiced self-acclaimed marketers who sell herbal mixtures that cure tens of diseases won’t just allow you rest. All the drama of this life happened on the TATA bus, sometimes formerly called ‘Ise Oluwa’ bus. That’s why I always prefer the Red BRT whenever I cannot queue for the Blue one. Of course with the mindset that I would be in traffic for about 2hours. Most times it is always the same time you spend queueing for the Blue one so what’s the point of wasting my energy to queue for that long.

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So this morning, i decided to board the Red one. This is assumed and expected to be saner than the drama stage called TATA. No advert, No babalawo, No preaching, and so on. I took my seat as the ticketer/conductor called in passengers. We moved and gradually approached the massive standstill traffic. A few minutes later, we all on the bus started hearing slaps in sequence, accompanied with a female voice. We all looked to the direction of the latest drama. Honestly, I thought I had seen it all before. It was from about 3 seats behind me. A man who was sitting beside a good looking chic was being slapped by her angrily. His guilt look was like that of a child who was caught stealing meat from a pot.

Ha! Surprisingly, we tried to understand the reason why this lady kept slapping the poor older man. He was trying to finger me, mad man! He slid his two fingers into my skirt! She said (in Yoruba language). Words failed me. The man received almost a hundred of slaps as passengers (mostly guys) close to the seat registered their annoyance on his face. He was pushed away and punished to join standing passengers.

With a disdainful look, everyone started to discuss the issue.

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(Both in Yoruba and English) That’s a bad attitude! He is a disgrace to men! Maybe he is not normal! And the argument took another shape when some said; ‘He must have been seduced into acting that way, check out what the lady is wearing’. It went worse when someone said the man might be a ritualist, a baddo.

Ermmmm…. Really? Okay, let me just keep hearing the arguments cos i won’t judge anyone. Could this be agro? I asked myself, laughing as i chatted to a friend about it on WhatsApp. Soon, slaps resumed on the man. His eyes turned red already and he was looking like he’s going to die. I had to advise him; bros just go down and enter another bus if you don’t want a coma. If someone told me this story, i wouldn’t have believed. What could this be? I don’t understand at all. And one question remains accurately unanswered in my mind, Is this ‘Agro’, Seduction or Lunacy?