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“One Day Will Be A Better Day For Me, I Will Surely Find A Man”- Beautiful Lady Cries Out



It’ s so amazing why most young and beautiful women now a days still calls out for marriage or new relationship.

There are so many beautiful women on social media who are still single and searching for the right man to come into their life.

Today, one woman is spotted again on Facebook and she cries out for a new boyfriend or a new relationship indeed.

“Not only curves. . . see meat, how I wish I am a guy” . Below is the screenshot of the post.

She has been single for quite sometime now, about 1 year 2 months. She has been posting pictures of herself for 6 months but seems no luck because even now she is still searching. She might have got someone but she has other expectations.






Make up


Clothes and shoes


There are lot things she would like, she can have them all if she gives her boyfriend time. Like of she get things after 2 months, she must just be grateful because these days money is scares.

Seems like she is in market because many people are talking about her and they know her for a long time now. Would you drop everything you are doing in life now and date this girl? You have to drop it because all eyes on her.

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Many people was talking about her where others were asking her to accept them as her new partner.

Below is a screenshot of what people were saying about her.

Yes some are from India.

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