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OH MY GOD!!! A Young Girl Was BURIED Alive By Her Family After This happened (Details below)



Ever experienced a crazy solution when you are passing through some pains? A teenager, Anna Ballesteros was struck by lightning as she walked to her college recently.

She was admitted for treatment in the hospital but continued to have back pain and it prevented her from walking properly.

After series of medical treatment in the hospital, her family decided to use a bizarre home remedy which saw her placed in a large hole which was filled with earth, and covered up to her neck for three days a week in the garden.

The quickie therapy also requires her staying buried for a duration of up to four times a day over three days.

Anna, when asked how she felt about the act, said “Doctors study medicine but not lightning, I know that by getting into that hole I am going to get better because these are ancient things”

“What we are doing is taking the fire out of the light, the heat out of the energy”, Anna’s mum Milena added.

Locals had already told her before she took her daughter to the hospital that she would be better off taking the energy from the lightning away by burying the daughter alive.

It is not known if the treatment, which began earlier this week worked.

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Local doctors expressed their scepticism, “there is no proof that burying a patient who has been struck by lightning has any beneficial effects for their recovery”.

“I am praying she comes out okay, she can’t walk properly and the burns she suffered on her feet cause her pain. I trust in God”, Milena said

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