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NIN REGISTRATION: Don’t Waste Your Time And Money To Get Your NIN If You Fall Under These Categories (Details below)



For the past 1 month or thereabout, one of the top trending topics in the country has been on NIN REGISTRATION. This was as a result of the notice issued by the Federal government, where they announced that all Sim cards that are not linked with NIN would be blocked. Incase you don’t know, NIN is the National Identification Number, which is and would be used to identify Nigerians, and get valuable informations about them.

Now, after the FG had made the announcement and had given February 9th as deadline for linking the Sim cards, a lot of people have been wasting their time and money, doing all they could just to register and get their NIN. Having considered that a lot of people have been wasting their time and money, I decided to write this article. So please, if you fall under any of the categories below, don’t waste your time and money trying to get your NIN.

1) If you are careless:

Incase you don’t know, if you lose your NIN, or you lose your National ID card where your NIN was written, you’d pay some thousands of money to get a new one. Not only that, it would be more difficult for you to get another one considering the large amount of people who also want to get theirs, plus the stress of going to the bank to get a remmita. If you are a careless person, and you know that you are very likely to lose your NIN, then save yourself the time and money and better don’t get your NIN. The point here is; Get your NIN, but be very careful not to lose it.

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2) If you have signs and symptoms of Covid-19:

Seeing the large crowd and gathering of people at the NIN enrollment centres, I couldn’t help but imagine how Nigeria would cope and survive if Covid 19 find it’s way into any of those large and massive gatherings/crowds. We all know that Covid 19 is very easy to be transmitted and therefore should be prevented by avoiding large crowds or gatherings. So please, if you have any symptoms or signs of this dreaded Corona virus, do well to stay at home and don’t waste your time and money trying to get your NIN, because if peradventure you happen to have the virus, you’d be transmitting it to as many people that would gather with you at the NIN enrollment center. See pictures below on how large the crowds at NIN enrollment centers are;

3) If you are not a Nigerian, or a legal resident in Nigeria:

There’s no point getting your NIN if you are not a Nigerian or a legal resident in Nigeria, because the purpose of getting the NIN is to be identified as a Nigerian. So, if you are not a Nigerian, and you are also not a legal resident in Nigeria, don’t waste your time, money or energy trying to get an NIN, because it’s of no use to you.

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