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Nigerian Soldier Who Celebrated His Birthday With Bread Gets A Surprise Gift From A Bottling Company



There is always a need for someone to act well and do things in the right way as good deeds don’t go to waste. A lot of people celebrate their birthdays in a grand style by inviting friends and well wishers and throwing a party, while some cannot do such because of their current financial state.

A Nigerian Soldier with the name Victor Eneh melted the hearts of Nigerians in January 22, 2021 when he posted pictures of what he used to celebrate his birthday.

He placed a loaf of bread on the table with two soft drinks on both sides as that was probably what he could afford at that particular time.

One would wonder how on earth he had the time to have a birthday celebration considering the nature of his selfless service to his country, but in all this he was able to throw a mini party for himself and some of his colleagues.

Nigerians praised him for not being ashamed of posting is birthday pictures and I think what he did has paid off as some Nigerians have showed him love.

He took to his Facebook page to share a good news as he said he has waited for good 26 years of his life to cut a cake and that spell was broken today after Nigerians showed love on him.

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A bottling company called RC Cola Nigeria with the twitter handle, @rccolanigeria surprised him with a well decorated cake and their products as a way to throw a belated Birthday celebration for him.

You can see him given thanks for such an awesome gift from a company to him.

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