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Nigerian Man In Diaspora Spotted Ordering His “Jujuman” To Make A Woman And Her Children Run Mad (Video)



The moment a Nigerian man living abroad was ordering his ‘juju man’ to make a woman and her children run mad was captured in a viral video.
In the video, it seems another person who understood the Yoruba man filmed him while he gave the atrocious orders to his ‘jujuman’..

From what he said, this man had already worked with this ‘herbalist’ on one occasion which wasn’t effective that he spent a lot of money..

He said;

“The wife and the child don’t want us to sell the house.

The first one you did for me didn’t work and I spent so much money on that.

I want you to help me to do it that the wife will sell the building.

What I want now is that I want the wife and the child to run mad. I want the wife not to know what she is doing”

Watch Video Here;