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Meet The Tribe Where Women Have To Cut Their Fingers After The Death Of Their Husbands (Details below)



There are so many ancient tribes in Africa here which still abide by their culture and custom in other not to make it look lost from their lives and communities.

Today we are looking at one very tribe that the women have to cit their fingers when they looses their husband.

Let’s go deep into details.

Diani tribe lives in mountainous ranges of Papua New Guinea, Indonesia. When eldest male member of the family passes away, the nearest female relative(s) of the deceased cut off the upper part of the fingers or multiple fingers.

Apart from finger amputation, they smear ashes and clay on the face to exhibit grief and gloom during burial preparations. The amputated fingers are burn into ashes and stored in pots.

These pots are kept in the house or buried with deceased body. The tribe believe these rituals would satisfy the ancestors ghosts and drive them away, which would otherwise linger spiritual turmoil in the village.

They bath themselves in mud during funeral to symbolise that the corpse is returning to soil. They regularly exhumes remains of dead relatives to smoke out evil spirits in them. It is done mostly among older women but fingers of younger girls are sometime bitten off by their mothers if she no longer want to lose more fingers.

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Though they amputated hands, they carry out their daily activities with ease. In their beliefs, each finger must cooperate with each other to build strength so the hands can perform perfectly. If one finger is loss, the work that we do can’ t be maximum just like when a person die in family.

What actually do you think about this very tribe? Is it a good thing to practice such an act? Or it should be abolished.

Let’ s hear your views.

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