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Meet The Man Who Is Currently Married To 12 Wives, But He’s Not Satisfied As He Plans To Marry 8 More To Make Them 20



It may sound funny but you actually read the headline very well, in this article I’ ll be telling you about a man who is currently married to 12 Wives and he still even want to marry 8 more to make them 20.

In this Mordern time there are still a lot of people practicing the form of marriage called polygamy, which means marrying more than one wife or one husband at the same time.

This man is a native of Rwanda and he is a traditional medicine man. As at now this man is married to 12 wives, who are all living in the same house with him. He has given birth to 25 children and adopted 9 children as his own.

This Man sole dream is to have 20 wives, as he said that he has already promised himself that he must. The man family with 12 wives, live together happily under the same roof they even live in harmony and one unity, there has been no dispute no arguments, and no collision, even as they all share a the same husband.

Although people call him a witch doctor, he says he is a servant of God. But he is a traditional medicine man, and even have a license to work as one legally in his country.

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In an interview his first wife said she has been married to him for close 5o 16 years now, and she has 8 kids for him. She went on to say that he never told her, he wad getting a 2nd wife, she said she never saw it coming, and 2 years after their marriage, he brought another woman.

In the same interview the 2nd wife said she has been married to the man for almost 14 years, and they all eat together from the same plate as one family.

The wives claims that he always treats them so good and they are very happy with him as thier husband. In thier exact words they said: that he taught them how to love and assist one another, so they are not complaining at all.

If you ask me I think as a traditional medicine man that he is, Im sure they are under his love spell or jazz because I don’ t think these women are in their normal senses, well that’ s my thought anyways, drop your own comment on your own thoughts concerning this man.