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Meet The Highest Paid P*rn Star In Nigeria, Elizabeth Ajibola – See Her Net worth (Details below)



Elizabeth Ajibola Omotayo Igbagbo, popularly known as Maami Igbagbo, has a story not too different from other girls across the world who had no choice but to offer their bodies in exchange for cash due to circumstances they find themselves in.

In recent pictures, one can say life seems to better than it was before for her because she drives luxurious cars, has her own site and lives a comfortable life and sometimes shows off the money she has and makes.

In some cases as individuals we neglect to discover openings that are adequate to cause us to prevail throughout everyday life, we’ ll and the are those individuals who look for and find different occasions to prevail throughout everyday life.

For many individuals, going out and searching for circumstances can be a great deal of work, while for some it’ s as simple as getting up in the first part of the day and assaulting your objectives.

Well today will discuss a specific p*rn star, named Elizabeth Ajibola. She is supposed to be the most generously compensated p*rn stars in Nigeria and its said her total assets is somewhere near, 1, 000, 000 Naira and that is roughly 3000 dollars.

It’ s said that before she unearthed such a chance of turning into a p*rn star, she functioned as a helper nurture at a specific facility in Nigeria, after her mom died and her dad left her and her kin to furne for themselves, well fortunately she met one of the greatest p*rn film makers and entertainer in Nigeria.

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She met Kingblac who is known for his p*rn Films that get a lot of perspectives.

So Elizabeth began working with Kingblac and that is the point at which she began her profession in the porn industry.

Since the time she began she’ s been making significant bank as her total assets has been expanding consistently.