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Meet Stella Okafor, The Beautiful Wife Of Mr Ibu And Mother Of Three Children (Photos below)



I doubt whether or not there’ s any comic lover in Nigeria who does not know the one that is popularly remarked as Mr. Ibu. This man is taken into account to be one of Nigeria’ s most proficient comic characters. His laughable acting is usually characterized by stupidity, hilarious imbecility, and a pointy disconnection from reality.

John Okafor widely referred to as Mr. Ibu is a Nigerian actor and comedian after an extremely popular role he starred in, although he had adopted the name from his gramps whom he says was his mentor and inspiration for doing comedy. He’ s beyond any doubt one of the funniest men in Nigeria.

As alluded to earlier, Mr. Ibu has not had the best and easiest of family lives. In the period of his life, six members of his family were killed with poison. Mr. Ibu had a divorce from his initial wife and so he got married to his current wife Stella Maris, in 2015.

According to him, when he was asked how he met his current wife during an interview, he foresaid his mother continually and always thought him how to respect women and people in general, so on this fateful day, he saw Stella crying and went closed to her and asked what the matter was.

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Just for a Stella to show him a text from her man telling her that the relationship is over and he doesn’ t need her anymore. Mr. Ibu comforted her, told her she is effective and valuable, they exchanged contacts, and therefore the rest is history.

Ever since they got married, their wedding has been waxing robust and stronger as time passes. Mr. Ibu justly describes her as his queen and first lady, it’ s clearly evident that he actually loves his wife dearly. He and Stella Maris have 3 kids but he sadly, they lost his first son Emmanuel Okafor in the saddest of circumstances.