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Meet 4 Nigerian Celebrities Who Tattooed Their Mother’s Face On Their Body (Photos below)



It’ s the wish of everyone to have his mother close to him, some people even take it to another level.

A mother is without a doubt the main individual in everybody’ s life. A mother’ s affection for her kid can’ t is coordinated with anything. She remains hungry only for her kid to eat enough. She forfeits her satisfaction for her kid.

A mother’ s adoration is indefinable, that’ s the reason a few people unexpectedly honour their mom. While some form clinics or schools for the sake of their mom, others go similarly as getting their mother\’ s face inked on their body.

The following are 4 Nigerian big names who cut their mom in the face. Toward the finish of the article, advise us on the off chance that you can regard your mom similarly

1. We all know Poco Lee as a popular street dancer.

Poco Lee likes his mother very much and promotes his identity from a roadside vendor to a shop owner. The famous dancer stabbed his precious mother’ s face in the leg.

2. Oxalade

Oxalate didn’ t care, he stabbed his lovely mother in the face on the arm.

The bond between the two is unbreakable.

3. Seun Kuti is one of the children of the legendary Nigerian musician Fela Kuti.

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Seun Kuti has a beautiful tattoo of his late mother Fehintola Anikulapo Kuti on one side of his belly.

The tattoo is just a way to express his eternal love for her.

4. Cubana Chief Priest

The mother of the chief pastor of Cuba may be late, but the role and influence she played in his life will never be ignored.

The wealthy celebrity barman carved a tattoo on his leg to commemorate his late mother. Do you love your mother? Can you remember her by leaving a face tattoo on your body? Is a tattoo good or bad? Please comment and share with others