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Man Beats Wife With Hot Pressing Iron, Shaved Her Hair With Broken Bottle, See What Is Happening To Him Now (Details below)



Wonders they say shall never end. The rise of domestic violence in many homes today is becoming alarming. How can a man born of a woman maltreat a fellow human being to an extent of using hot pressing iron on the person?

A man popularly known as Jet Li was recently reported to have allegedly beaten up his wife, using hot pressing iron on her and also shaved her hair with broken bottle.

In a more recent development on the case, popular Cameronian Journalist known as, ADE DIVINE, took to his Facebook page to reveal the current state of the man. According to him, Mr Ndi Marcel (Jet Li) has been stripped off his freedom and has now spent three nights in biting cold at the Yaounde Central prison in Cameroon.

Read reactions of people online

Emily Kelah ” This type of violence must be Shawn at all levels but what amuse me how quiet the society is when this type of violence is perpetrated on men. The other day I saw a former police officer whose wife poured acid on his face and he has now loss his sight. Even men were quiet to condemn this. I hope the woman life is not more important than that of the man. Look at how even men are exploding here. ”

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Lukong Lious Roy ” When I see such I really get mad, how would a man do this to someone you call your wife? If the relationship is not moving, better go separate ways. Na this kind people them be need for abortam”

Geraldine Samba ” Some of this men weren’ t supposed to born seriously this is horrible how can a man beat up his so call wife to that extend very bad. ”

This is so bad, devilish and inhuman. Please I beg anyone reading this to learn from this and treat his or her partner the right way. Stop domestic violence before it lands you into big trouble.

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