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If You Don’t Want To Be Broke Again, You Must Do These 3 Things (Details below)



If you’ ll never be broke again in your entire life time, you must take these 3 powerful steps.

Now unless you are rich and your finances is under control, you don’ t need to read this. But if you always have an empty bank account, owe a lot of people and can barely survive until your next pay, this is the most important message you’ ll ever read.

1. Start cultivating the right mindset about saving:

Most people think financial management is just about saving money. Some others think, ‘ ah, how much is my salary sef, is it ordinary 5- 500 naira I’ ll be saving? ‘ , or they say ‘ hmm, those rich people are just lucky, dem get money for their house before, no go do pass yourself o’ .

Money will come to those who have it and know how to use it, but it will run from those who do not have nor know how to use it. How then do you think your money will attract more if you don’ t even have it in the first place?

2. Stop borrowing:

I can’ t count how many times I said I’ d stop borrowing airtime. It just wasn’ t easy. Imagine you’ re in the middle of an important call and it just ends. You wait for minutes and the other person isn’ t calling back. You can just got crazy if you’ re not where you can get airtime or you don’ t even have the money at the time.

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But if you understand that borrowing makes you spend tomorrow’ s money, makes you a slave to who you borrow from, would you want to make better decisions today?

3. Make a budget:

I know that making a budget is one thing and keeping to it, is another. If you’ re like me, then you have days when you just feel tired and you need some good ice cream yoghurt or whatever makes you feel better.

I thought that having a budget and learning to save money meant that I couldn’ t enjoy myself. Like most people, I was so wrong but I know a lot more now. I also have a special budget template a good number of people have found helpful.

Lastly, if you found any of these helpful or know someone who would, kindly leave a comment about it.