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I Will Be Released In No Time If You Hand Me Over To The Police– Busted Fulani Kidnapper Brags



I Will Be Released In No Time If You Hand Me Over To The Police–Fulani Kidnapper Brags.

A kidnapper who is part of a Fulani kidnapping gang was apprehended by some vigilante group after an attempt to kidnap another victim was foiled as the victim was able to outsmart them.

According to the video shared by WITHIN NIGERIA, the narrator revealed that the victim was able to beat the trap set up by the kidnapping gang and made it to a nearby village and fortunately the vigilante in the area was on duty, so they proceed to begin a search hunt for the kidnappers.

And one of them who appears in the video was caught. And while he was being interrogated, the guy claims nothing can ever happen to him no matter what they do to him.

He went further bragging that if he is handed over to the police, he would be released in no time, acknowledging that they are well connected and that no amount of torture can make him confess.

Imagine a criminal Boasting to be freed soon if the police take him into custody!

I guess we don’t need to be surprised why the kidnapping case in the country is increasing despite all allege efforts by security operatives in the country!

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