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I always tell my husband that I am tired because my son feed me well during the day – Lady say



In today’s world, women the world over are saying men and women should be equal in everything. In some countries, female are still paid less than their male counterparts. it is understandable why women are saying they want the same rights that men are currently enjoying. In the previous years, many came up with many things that were favored them.

And the disparity between men and women has made women to say they will not allow what happened to their foremothers happen to them in this day and age of new things.

It is against this backdrop that, majority of the people forthrightly agreed with what a 38 year old woman said during a heated debate on social media platforms. And what the lady said resonated with many people, because other people felt like, men of today must learn to do for onself.

The lady posited the following ” I always tell my husband that I am tired because my son feed me well during the day”. And the statement apppeared to be vague to many people; so pertinent questions were directed to her, so that they can understand what her tweet implies.

And the lady dissected what she meant, and she said that during the day, her son cooks enough food for her to eat; and general she becomes well fed. And late at night, she doesn’t cook for her husband, hence she said she always tell him that she is tired.

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As already alluded above, people were greatly dividedHer post divided, some people believe it is time men learn to cook for themselves and stop expecting for their wife to do everything for them.

See Comment and Reactions below;

EMMANUEL CHIDI: you mean yo son satisfy you better than yo husband

AMA UCHE: I thank it is better to stay with out a wifi, why being with you when you on long do your dutys.

GODSON SUNDAY: You are very stupid for saying this, your son sleeping with you. Hmmm

HOPE ISRAEL: Are you not ashamed of yourself, you sin giving it to you during the day. What a shame

RITA JOHN: You are a disgrace to womanhood

KINGSLEY UCHE: Women with evil ask, God is watching you on this your nasty life